Thursday, August 27, 2009

Anderson's In Kenya

We stayed with the Anderson's the senior couple that does humanitarian work there. This area where they live and work is very poor. Brother and Sister Anderson have helped these people establish gardens, taught them about water conservation and using fertilizers. As you can see by the photos the the smaller ears of corn were what they grew and his with a little fertilizer was 3 times the size.

They live in a small village about 4 hours from Nairobi. This is their combination bath and shower! First you roll up a towel and put it on the floor near the door so the water doesn't flow out into the rest of the house.
You turn the water on at the faucet and after your shower you squeegee the water to the end of room near the toilet out the drain the the floor! You can sit on the toilet and shower!
This is a "women garden" that 13 ladies tend. They have to hand pump the water into buckets, then they carry the water to their plot to water their gardens. Some of these ladies have had such success that they even sell their excess and are earning money.

The Anderson's are not only helping church members, but the whole community. When they see them coming in the white truck they come running to show off their gardens and ask for help.

This one of the small branches

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