Friday, October 24, 2008

Medikwe Slideshow

No these are not post cards from Africa. We actually took these pictures! Medikwe is a game park between South Africa and Botswana. We stayed at Mosetlha Bush Camp --kind of like going to girl's camp--No electricity, heat your water for a shower, and there was no fences between us and the animals! The animals roam free for hundreds of miles and you go out in open Land Rovers and try to find them. We spent 2 nights here and had a blast. The walkways were lighted with Keroscene lamps at night it was so magical and we had the delight of seeing the all the stars and the Southern Cross in it's full glory .Kris and Sarah came to visit us and I have to give them credit for helping me do the slide show and getting me inspired to Blog again! More to come!